Albert Einstein

Photoelectric effect

Wave particle duality

Wave particle duality
light is both a wave and a particle

Why is blue more intense than red?
It has more photons associated with it

Are the waves associated with colors all the same?

What does the term photoelectric effect mean?
Taking light and turning it into electricity



What was the mystery of the photoelectric effect?
Why some colors are able to get the flow started and some not

How did Max Planck help Einstein?
Helped him observe different colors made different levels of electricity rather than different amount of light

What did classical theories predict?
More light entering would create more electricity

How does Einstein use Planck’s theory?
Einstein realized Planck’s idea of quanta was correct and that light is made of different quanta

What was Einstein’s explanation for the photoelectric effect?
Light has to have enough energy to knock electrons off the metal

What was Einstein’s experiment?
Shining different colored lights into a metal dome and measurements its currents

What does “the dual nature of light” mean?
Light is both a wave and a particle