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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
Awarded nobel piece prize in 1921.
Discovered the meaning of relativity.
On the electrodynamics of moving bodies.

John Baird
He was a scotish egineer.
First person to transmit images to and from London and New York.
He introduces his telavision that he made in 1926.

Amelia Earhart
Took her first flying lesson in 1920.
In 1922 she broke a world record being the first women to record and altitude of 14,000 feat.
In 1926 she was the first person to fly across the atlantic ocean.

Alexander Fleming
In 1928 he isolated Penicillin notatum and cultivated it.
He invented the worlds first anti biotic.
In 1929 he published his report on penicillin and its antibacterial characteristics.

Eliot Ness
In 1927 he became an agent in treasury department.
In 1928 he was transfered to the justice department and worked with the Prohibition Bureau.
He got capone sentenced 11 years eventually.

Gang leader.
Waged bloody war among gang members to try to gain control over liquor sales in chicago.

Andrew Nelon
He got the United States was reduced by some $8,000,000,000 in debt.
He was secretary of the treasury for 11 years.

James Cox
Franklin D. Roosevelt badly beat him runing for president.
He was governer of ohio.
He advocated United States entrance into the League of Nations and owned several dif newspapers.

John Dillenger
A killer who robbed plenty of banks.
Shot and killed 10 men.
Dillinger attempted his first robbery, that of a grocery store in Mooresville, in 1924.

Charles Gates Dawes
He was vice pres of the us.
He was awarded nobel piece price in 1925.
In 1921 Dawes became the first director of the U.S. Bureau of the Budget.

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