Albert Einstein 3-21-13
He was name Person of the century by time magazine 3-21-13
He was a high school dropout 3-21-13
He was on hitlers Kill List 3-21-13
He was born with a big head 3-21-13
Two of Albert Einsteins least favorite things: haircut and socks 3-21-13
Einstein actually won his 1921 Noble Prize in Physics for the photoelectric effect. 3-21-13
Einstein had a later start on speaking on top with his big head Doctors were starting to think that he was Retarded 3-21-13
Two of Einstein’s favorite things: The violin and sailing. 3-21-13
Divorced his first wife Mileva Maric: Reason = Adultery. (His wife received the Noble Prize money). Elsa, whom he later married, was his first cousin 3-21-13
Refusing the Presidency of Israel, he said, “I know a little of science, but nothing about men.” 3-21-13
Albert Einstein was a Obsessed Smoker 3-21-13
Loved to Sail 3-22-13
When he had no job he had to take up teaching little kids it didnt work out so well 3-22-13
He was a High school dropout 3-22-13
Einstein was able to apply directly to the (Swiss Federal Polytechnic School) in Zürich, Switzerland. Lacking a high school diploma, he failed much of the entrance exam but got exceptional marks in mathematics and physics. Because of this, he was admitted to the school provided he complete his formal schooling first. He went to a special high school run by Jost Winteler in Aarau, Switzerland, 3-22-13
He was seeing a girl who his parents didnt approve of 3-22-13
After graduating from college, Einstein failed to find a job related to his field, physics. He became a technical assistant in a Swiss patent office. However, he never stopped his research on theoretical physics and continued to work on it in his spare time. 3-22-13
Albert Einstein showed speech impairments until the age of nine. Young Einstein found difficulty in conversing with people and always muttered silently, framing sentences in his mind until he finally spoke them aloud after getting them right. He always had problems with spelling. The headmaster of the school suggested that Einstein should attend a trade school. His teachers also declared him as borderline retarded! 3-22-13
•Even when very young, Einstein showed great ability in both math’s and science. He was naturally curious and had a brilliant analytical mind. 3-22-13
•He produced perhaps one of the most famous equations ever: E = mc² (energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared).
He was German 3-25-13
Einstein was married twice: first to his college girlfriend and classmate, Mileva Maric, and then to his cousin, Elsa Einstein. 3-25-13
Einstein was a citizen of three countries. He was a German citizen by birth but gave up his citizenship in 1896 because he despised Germany’s militarism. He became a Swiss citizen in 1901. In 1933, he moved to the United States to flee the Nazis, and he became a U.S. citizen in 1940. 3-25-13
In 1939, Einstein wrote a letter to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, bringing to his attention the real possibility that the recent discovery of nuclear fission “would also lead to the construction of bombs.” He warned the president of the dangerous possibility that Nazi Germany might develop the bomb. Einstein’s involvement with the bomb ended with this letter; he didn’t participate in its development. 3-25-13
In 1952, Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel after the death of the country’s first president. Einstein declined the offer. 3-25-13
Einstein died in Princeton, New Jersey, on April 18, 1955. 3-25-13
After Einstein’s death, his brain was removed from his head by Dr. Thomas Stoltz Harvey without the permission of his family. After many years, by taking permission from Hans Albert(Einstein’s son), he started to study his brain and sent the slices of his brain to many other scientists where they found that his brain has extra-ordinary cell formations as compared to a normal person. 3-25-13
At the age of 5, his father gifted him with a compass and this was the starting of a revolution in his brain because he got much curious to know about the force due to which the compass pointed in the same direction. 3-25-13
Albert was a lousy child when he was little he would keep away from other kids and had a learning disability 3-25-13
He won the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on theoretical physics. 3-25-13
He worked on many other influential theories and projects including: the deflection of light by gravity, Brownian motion, the quantum theory of atomic motion in solids and explanation for capillary action and many more. 3-25-13
He was born in Germany to a Jewish family. 3-25-13
He couldn’t hang onto an umbrella to save his life. According to one of his wives, Einstein was constantly losing things, particularly umbrellas. His forgetfulness in regard to trivial things is well documented. 3-25-13
A surprising Albert Einstein fact is that he disliked science fiction. You would have thought science fiction would have inspired him to form new associations and ponder new possibilities, but in reality, he avoided any association with it and encouraged others to do the same. 3-25-13
He couldn’t remember dates or phone numbers. He was notorious for forgetting birthdays of those close to him. Heck, he probably even forgot his own! He couldn’t even remember his own phone number. According to him, he didn’t feel compelled to memorize his phone number when he didn’t plan on calling himself. Not a bad rationale! Gave him more brain space for important scientific thoughts. 3-25-13
When Albert was five his father gave him a compass which he became curious and explored all of the compass and wanted to know more this was a big start for Albert. 3-25-13
Albert Einstein said that women should be sent to the front lines next time of war it would be “a novelty of the dreary sphere of infinite confusion” 3-25-13
Albert Thought that money was useless in helping humanity move forward. 3-25-13
Albert got a job at Princeton University he was asked to name his salary and it ended at 10,000 even though he requested 3,00 because he thought they were being too generous 3-25-13
Albert Einstein wrote to a young girl in 1934 saying “There is too much education, especially in american schools. The only rational way of teaching is to be an example-if one can’t help it, a warning example”. 3-25-13
Albert Einstein had a lot of obstacles to overcome throughout his life. He was faced with being kicked out of school. Then his father died. Later in life he had many health issues. He also had a divorce that he had to deal with. 3-25-13
Albert Einstein expired on April 18, 1955 at the age of 76. Before cremation, his brain was removed with the view of discovering the secret of Einstein’s exceptional intelligence. It was later found that Einstein’s brain contained a greater number of glial cells, which are responsible for synthesis of information. It was also discovered that Einstein had a dense brain and a relatively large parietal lobe, which is associated with mathematical skills.
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Albert could draw crowds to him because he was so popular 3-25-13
Einstein knows English as his second language. He had no problem to speak English it but he sucks when writing it on paper. His English spelling is something that most people can beat.
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Einstein is not that neat
Although he is popular, he often refused to wear a high-class dress to address his popularity and achievement. Even secret service failed to ask Einstein wore proper dress before he met President of US.

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His Last word is Mystery
Einstein left unknown last messages to a nurse who took Einstein in his last time. His message was in Germany and the nurse did not get what he spoke.

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Einstein is Anti Science Fiction
He stated, “Science fiction distorted science originality”. At the same time, he also said, did not believe in UFO, USO, and time machine.

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Last Einstein’s Brain resort is in a jar.
Thomas Stoltz Harvey, a doctor who in charged of Einstein autopsy, extracted Einstein brain after his died in 1955. His reason was a science but the bad thing is he did not take permission from Einstein’s family. For 43 years, Hans Albert did not know that his father was buried empty headed.poor Albert Einstein fact

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The element Einsteinium, a radioactive rare earth metal is named after Einstein. 3-25-13
Throughout his life, Einstein made many efforts advocating peace.