Albert Einstein

Who called him public enemy number one? Why?
Hitler, because he didn’t help build the atomic bomb so he wanted to make Einstein look like he betrayed Germany

What president did he write a letter to and why?
Roosevelt, to warn him about Germany planning to build an atomic bomb

When did he win a nobel prize and what for?
1922 and for his photoelectric theory

How old was he when he built a 14 story house of cards?
10 years old

Einstein was a pacifist, which meant…
He doesn’t believe in solving problems with violence

When and by who was he asked to be president?
1952, asked by Isreal

How many wives and children did he have?
2 of each

What two instruments did he play?
Piano and violin

What did he say Americas worst disease was?

Why do we not know his dying words?
They were said in German, the nurse in the room was American

What inspired him to be a scientist?
A compass he got when he was young, fascinated by the invisible force moving the hand

When was he born and when did he die?
Born – March 14 1879 Died April 18th 1955

Why did he charge money for his autographs?
So he could donate the money to charity

What magazine voted him person of the century?
Time magizine

He loved sailing… why was this ironic?
He couldn’t swim

When he came to America what did he work as?
A professor in Princeton NJ, made $10,000 a year

Who stole his brain?
Thomas Harvey for 20 years, kept it in his car trunk

How did he die?
He had an abdominal aneurysm, refused surgery and bled to death