Albert Einstein

When was Albert Einstein born.
March 14,1879

When did Alberts parents get marred.
August 8, 1876

Why did the parents fear Albert was mentally disable.
He was a slow Speaker.

Who was Albert’s Crush in Swiss Polytechnic institute.
Mileva Marić

Why did Pauline hate Albert’s girlfriend.
she thinks Mileva would ruin Alberts life.

When was alberts and mileva’s daughters born.

What was alberts and mileva’s daughter name.

When did Albert start working.
June 23, 1902

When was Alberts and Mileva first son was born.

When did Albert and Mileva get married.
January 6, 1903

Albert became what in April 1906
Dr. Einstein

What was alberts and mileva’s first son named.
Hans Albert

Albert and Mileva got divorced in what time.

On July 28, 1910 Mileva gave birth to a second son name what.

Albert and elsa Sailed to South American in what time.
May 1925

Adolf Hitler was the leader of what group.
Nazi Party

Albert loved doing what.

in December 1936 who died.

The atom bomb was dropped when.
August 6, 1945

Albert Einstein dies in what time and where
April 18, 1955