airways Essay Topics

The Competitive Nature of Current Industries

Due to the current trend of globalization, industries of all sectors are becoming more and more competitive. Rivalry between firms is determined by the industries´ competitive structure which again is determined by globalization and the fact that leading economies are stagnating or show very little growth. This reflects on consumer expenditure as the end consumer… View Article

Strategic Analysis of Jet Blue Airlines

Executive Summary JetBlue is a company built on a focus strategy of low-priced, no-hassle ticketing and refreshingly efficient customer service. The company began with the goal to eliminate many of the complexities and asininities of commercial air travel and set a new standard for customer service. Thus far the company has flown beyond these goals… View Article

PEST Analysis Of AirAsias

1.1Background AirAsia was set up by Dato’ Tony Fernandes in 2001. In December 2001, Fernandes and his partners set up Tune Air Sdn Bhd (Tune Air), an airline holding company then bought over AirAsia. Now, AirAsia has become one of the most successful airlines in the Southeast Asian region and the pioneer of low cost… View Article

Delta Airlines

Delta Air Lines is one of the top five domestic airlines in the United States, and amongst the top 20 in the world today. The key to Delta being so successful today is their focus on human relations (Anthony, Kacmar, & Parrewé, 2010). An agricultural extension agent by the name of C.E. Woolman founded Delta…. View Article

Jet Etihad Deal Analysis

Jet-Etihad deal On April 24 Jet Airways and Etihad signed the strategic alliance. The Etihad agrees to buy a 24% stake in the Jet for about Rs 2,060 crore. It is the biggest deal in Indian aviation sector. On May 24, Jet shareholders approved the stake sale. The airline deferred its resolution to amend the… View Article

JetBlue Airways & Organizational Development: Partners for Change

This is a case of an effective partnership of Jet Blue Airways and Organizational Development. In the airline business with an unpredictable environment, Jet blue forged a partnership with the Organizational Development (OD) team and JetBlue University (the airlines centralized learning group). From this berthed the Systems Operations Center (SOC) which is the heart of… View Article