Airway Essay Topics

Customer Service Strategy of British Airways

British Airways is one of the worlds leading airlines with a network that provides passenger and freight services to 149 destinations in 72 countries. Its airline network is centered on the United Kingdom where 85% of its 47,500 workforce is based. The mission of the company is to deliver services that matter for people and… View Article

Jet Blue Case Study

This essay will examine in detail the human resource strategies, policies, and practices that were developed by Ann Rhoades who was the Executive Vice President of People at JetBlue Airways. Ms. Rhoades was very innovative with the development of the new HR policies, which up to that time had never been implemented by any other… View Article

Project Risk Management

I.Introduction I am the Project Manager developing the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The development of this state-of-the-art airplane will include an international team of aerospace companies led by Boeing. The advances in this airplane will reduce the use of fuel by 20%, increase cargo capacity, increase nautical miles in a mid-range airplane, and improve passenger comfort…. View Article

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Most people will never get the chance to fly an airplane. They will never get to experience the thrill of soloing for the first time or the terror of dodging crows at 100 mph. Most people will be familiar with the sensation of your stomach settling somewhere around your knees or your throat while on… View Article

British Airways Service Concept

1.0INTRODUCTION Over the last 30 years, there is an emergence of academic concern and movement with the management of services. “Service captured the interest and imagination of operations management (OM) academics in the 1980s.” (Johnston, 1998, p. 104). Not only in the academia but also many organisational managers try to improve the quality and structure… View Article

JetBlue Airways Case

Problem Identification Presently, David Barger, former COO elected CEO of JetBlue Airways (JetBlue), faces a key issue of slowing down their growth. The issue at hand is: What is the best path for JetBlue slow down their growth in the future airline industry? External Analysis Macro Economics Analysis For an analysis of the Macro Economics… View Article

Challenges of Hong Kong

Topic: Challenges of Hong Kong’s full service airlines facing today This essay examines the challenges faced by Hong Kong’s full service airlines nowadays. Air transportation serves not only to encourage trade and growth in the tourism industry in Hong Kong, but also to improve people’s mobility and to form a modern society. In this essay,… View Article

Scotia Airways

Scotia Airways are a small private airline based in Glasgow/Scotland. Their goals determine the nature of inputs (employees and management’s ability) and outputs (the quality of service) also the interaction of the outer environment i.e. Macro elements such as external customers. Goals indicate a future prediction and the well-being of a business. Objectives on the… View Article

Competitive Profile Matrix Emirates

In order to construct a competitive profile matrix, it is necessary to determine critical success factors in airline industry. These are: strong management, organization of routes, availability of non-stop flights, qualified workforce, in-flight services and service promotions, price competitiveness, effective financial management, cost management. Main competitors of Emirates Airline can be divided into two groups:… View Article

British Airways

In 1987, British Airways was privatised, and over the next decade turned from a loss-making nationalised company into “The World’s Favourite Airline” – a market-leading and very profitable plc. The strategy that transformed the company into a marketing-led and efficient operation was conceived and implemented by Lord King as Chairman, aided by Sir Colin (subsequently… View Article

Strategic Management – Virgin Case Study

1) What are Virgin Group’s distinctive resources/capabilities?The Virgin BrandFirstly, the Virgin brand is valuable in the form of brand equity, where ‘Virgin’ is one of the most recognised brand names in the UK, and is also well-known in other important markets including Europe and the U.S.A. Based on 1990s research, the Virgin brand was recognised… View Article