Airport Essay Topics

Airport Incident Management System

1. Introduction Airport operations are growing in complexity day by day, and extend across multiple service providers at the airport – namely ground handlers, customs, immigration, retail tenants, air traffic control, security, baggage handlers, airlines consortiums and airlines. These agencies use the airport infrastructure in such a way that they meet their commitment to their… View Article

Public use Heliports

Introduction     Heliports is a small airport variable only for use by helicopters. In the heliports we have windsock which are for the direction of the landing of helicopters, and also heliports contain one or more helipads which have limited facilities such as lighting and fuel. In larger towns, heliports are usually situated closer so… View Article

Night and Singapore

The usual fays are over for me. No school, no study just play. But the next day was a dream going to become true. WE WERE GOING TO SINGAPORE just the next day. I got up early morning. We packed the things and went to the airport. In the airport and saw may types of… View Article

Communications Plan

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and TSA awarded a $37m grant for expansion projects at Denver International Airport. These funds are being used for the master plan projects. Approximately $11.6m will go towards rehabilitating runway 8/26, and over $1.7m will be used to improve the taxiway system surrounding Jeppesen Terminal. About $8.7m will be used… View Article

Airport Security

The department of homeland security has spent $40 billion rebuilding the aviation security system since September 11, 2001. Since then airport security has changed drastically, changed the whole world’s attitude towards airport security. The terrorist attack also showed the entire world how easily the old system was to manipulate and how much improvement airports need… View Article

West Jet Case Study

Strengths The greatest strength of WestJet is their brand image. Through their superior customer service, WestJet has become one of the most trusted brands as well as Canada’s preferred airline. (Anonymous, 2011), (marketing weekly news, 2012) One of the most important strengths of WestJet is their ability to provide low fares to consumers because of… View Article

Segmentation Targeting Positioning

Today, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) is a familiar strategic approach in Modern Marketing. The STP model was useful for us to create marketing communications plans. It helped us to prioritise propositions and then develop and deliver personalised and relevant messages to engage with different audiences. This is an audience rather than product focused approach… View Article

Melbourne Airport Runway

Rules and regulations serve as guide the aviation industry to promote the sole standards in the provision of the services and standards for location quality which are essential for the travelers. The service that is being offered should be valued in the same way as the physical locale for operation. Runways for the air vessel,… View Article

Community and Population Health

Introduction I currently reside in Denver County, Colorado. I have chosen to assess and analyze this community for this assignment. Denver, Colorado is located east of the Eastern Foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Denver County is centrally located within the city of Denver, Colorado and includes the Denver International Airport located north-east of the city…. View Article

Strategic Role of Information Systems

Information Systems (IS) Information Systems is systems comprising of people, processes and technology to process data into meaningful and interpretable information. This system aims at assisting management and business operations in making business decisions and support business processes. There are various types of information systems, for example: transaction processing systems, decision support systems, knowledge management… View Article

Heathrow airport

London Heathrow airport is a major international airport in London. It’s one of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom. The owner is Heathrow airport holdings. Location Many airlines uses London Heathrow airport as their main hub such as BA. They have a large amount of airlines as big as 82 using their airport. With… View Article

Aberdeen Airport

1. Background and Problem Statement Aberdeen Airport was opened in 1935 and it is owned by the British Airports Authority (BAA plc). Back then it was surrounded by countryside but presently, due to the development of the city, it is surrounded by houses. Currently the airport faces some issues due mainly to its location and… View Article

Airbus A3XX Production

Should Airbus proceed with the new model?Yes. The A3XX will constitute a new family of bigger and better aircraft with a high degree of common operational characteristics, particularly in the cockpit design, in accordance with Airbus’s philosophy. For the first time, the airline companies will be able to provide much more room than has ever… View Article

Dream Vacation

While some people may be quite content to lounge around the city of Karnak all summer as the mosquitoes suck away at their skin, a more perfect spot than this does exist. Pack every suitcase in the house because for the perfect summer time getaway for one who has limited time to head out of… View Article

Southwest Airlines

Background Summary Southwest Airlines based in Dallas was founded in 1967 by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher. It is one of the major domestic airliners which provides carrier and transportation service. This company has 35,499 employees and it runs over 500 Boeing 737 aircraft in 67 cities in the US. Southwest’s principal values are: Providing… View Article