Airline Essay Topics

The Airline Industry: Success and Failures

The Airline Industry is a highly competitive industry with companies operating in domestic and/or international markets. Many airlines are stilled owned by their respective countries and have treaties between countries to allow airlines to land there. The industry has been taking a relatively shaky course as costs are rising and profits have been decreasing. This… View Article

Airline Industry Bangladesh

ABSTRACT Air transport is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing transportation systems. Formation of regional and sub-regional co-operation will have a significant influence on air transportation system. Realizing the potential of air transportation in the country and region, after the recent air transport deregulation in Bangladesh, a number of private airline companies have… View Article

Role of Business Analysis in IT World

Summary This thesis paper thoroughly examines the role of a Business Analyst in the Information Technology sector. It does this by systematically presenting a succinct description of a BA’s job responsibilities and roles in the corporate world. It goes on to present competency value measurements using illustrations and benchmarking criterias. Chapter two discusses corporate roles… View Article

Introduction to AirAsia

Established in 1993 and officially started its operation on 18 November 1996, AirAsia is a low cost carrier (LCC) airline in the aviation industry. On 2 December 2001, the heavily-indebted government-linked commercial airline was bought over by the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AirAsia, Tony Fernandes. From then, AirAsia cleared its former debts which… View Article

The Sukhoi Superjet

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 is fly-by-wire regional jet with 75 up to 95 seats[1]. Since the jet industry faces many competitors, it is an important action to design an effective marketing strategy, which includes a SWOT analysis. Strengths: *Equipped with two Saturn/SNECMA PowerJet SaM146 turbofans1 *has  10-15% lower operation costs than its competitors, which areEmbraer… View Article

The Success of the Southwest Airlines Marketing Strategy

Southwest Airlines is the fourth largest major airline in the United States, flying more than 64 million passengers every year to 58 cities from the southwest and beyond. The company offers low fares to passengers, thereby achieving a huge market share in the airline industry. Although Southwest Airlines could be compared to Walmart in terms… View Article

Aviation, Aerospace or Airport Industry

In order to assess aviation, aerospace or airport industry practice to the field of Marketing I have chosen to focus on the aviation industry and the marketing practices they have adopted in order to deal compete effectively in the current recessional environment.  This document focuses on the 4 P’s of Marketing (Kotler, 2008) and discusses… View Article

TQM in United Airlines

     The notion of Total Quality Management has paved the way for many businesses to adapt to the ever changing demands of the market. Because of this principle, many large companies such as United Airlines have already involved TQM to back up their goals in maintaining superior customer satisfaction by providing the best product packages… View Article

Virgin America

With the foundation of Virgin Records in 1970, The Virgin Group is one of world’s largest business entities, which in 2009 comprised 300 companies under its structure, in businesses as diverse as space travel, mobile telephony, transportation, travel, financial services, media, music and fitness. The image and culture of the Virgin Group is tied to… View Article

Contingencies to Airasia’s Marketing Strategy

Suggest three contingencies AirAsia should consider and rationalize your choice. What are the main modifications to the current marketing strategy should AirAsia undertake to respond to these contingencies. There are number of threats that AirAsia faces thus it should have well-prepared contingency plans in case certain situations occur. The following part focuses on analyzing three… View Article

Air India – the Virgin Airways Saga

In December 1999, India’s national carrier, Air India (A-I) signed an agreement with Virgin Atlantic Airways1 (VA) by which VA would fly three flights on the Delhi-London route on a code-sharing2 basis with A-I. This was hailed as a significant development for the ailing A-I. The code sharing arrangement was expected to trigger off a… View Article

Air Canada Summary

This paper is an in-depth analysis of the General Conditions of Carriage and all the clauses that one must abide by when flying with Air Canada. Each clause will be looked at and explained to see what it means and what is implied by the clause. All the business law concepts that we have learned… View Article

Trans World Airlines (TWA)

Before Trans World Airlines (TWA) had expressed its interest to acquire Ozark Airlines (Ozark), it had already established itself so it will achieve dominance once the merger took place. The company initially equipped itself with knowledge and resources that will bring them to an advantage over Ozark. TWA went through three primary agreements prior to… View Article

Air Asia Strategic Report

Introduction Definition A low-cost carrier or low-cost airline is an airline that generally has lower fares and fewer comforts. To make up for revenue lost in decreased ticket prices, the airline may charge for extras like food, priority boarding, seat allocating, and baggage etc. The term originated within the airline industry referring to airlines with… View Article

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines (SA) was founded in 1971 after a careful market analysis. Its founders believed in a low cost strategy. Through the Wright Amendment, which not only prohibited any air carrier from offering direct service into Love Field from any place beyond Texas and the four contiguous states of Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and New Mexico,… View Article