Agriculture Essay Topics

Should Oil Be Restricted?

The use of oil should defiantly be heavily restricted and invested as sustainable energy. Not only for our sake but for the future generations all over the world. The following facts will support my idea that planning for a future without oil should be supported. These are: it would be much better if we slowly… View Article

Organic Food Research

When it comes to the food that you put on the dinner table, it is extremely important to understand how the food is grown and how nutritious it is. Some foods are grown using synthetic fertilizers, while others are grown using natural fertilizers. There are foods that are grown using chemical weed killers, while other… View Article

Benefits of Organic Food

Organic food, once only found in health food stores, is now a consistent element at local supermarkets. So what is the difference between a conventionally grown apple and an organic one? The answer is in the way the crop is grown and what it is and is not exposed to. In order to be labeled… View Article

Importance of Organic Foods

The definition of organic agriculture is farming with the use of synthetic chemicals. After World War II, larger and increasingly automated farms, known as “factory farms,” put the synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides developed in the 1920s into widespread use. They found that more crops could be produced mass produced. What they did not realize… View Article

Reflection Paper: Organic Foods

Both organic and inorganic foods pose health risks for consumers. While organic foods are often marketed as being naturally grown and inorganic foods being grown with the use of chemicals and pesticides, both types can pose health risks to the humans that consume them. Due to the varying conditions in which organic foods are grown,… View Article

Organic vs. Non-organic Food

Bottom line, going green can cultivate envy. The public is constantly bombarded with the idea that organic products are better. Perhaps this is true, but maybe it is brilliant marketing simply selling a status symbol. Envy can come from a neighbor’s luscious, organically grown front yard to the hybrid vehicle a co-worker drives, to the… View Article

Human Environment Interaction Ccot

-Much land is deforested and disrupted as diamond and silver mining emerges. -New crops from Americas causes India’s population to rise almost double in size. -Columbian Exchange brings new crops to this region, allowing for the farmers of the region to exploit more of their land for extra crops. -American crops such as potatoes and… View Article

Economics – Genetically Modified Food

Introduction In this essay, arguments will be presented which agree and disagree with the question that ‘genetically modified crops are the only way to feed the world’. Genetically modified (GM) foods are made from genetically modified organisms (GMO). Examples of genetically modified organisms include animals, plants and bacteria. The genetic makeup of GMOs are further… View Article

Pleasures of Eating

In “The Pleasures of Eating” Wendell Berry wants the reader to recognize that eating is a cultural act. He believes we are eaters not consumers and that we should have more knowledge about the food we eat. Berry wants the reader to questions where the food is coming from, what condition is it produced in… View Article

The Profile of the Puerto Rican Seasonal Migrant

Puerto Rico has an elevated level of migration like the other Caribbean countries. The census in year 2000 stated that almost half of the Puerto Ricans already live in United States. The movement of the Puerto Ricans to United States of America is accompanied by immigration of people from nearby countries like Cuba and Dominican… View Article

Food Inc.

1. Incorporation (Inc. ) means to form a legal association of individuals, created by law or under the authority of law, with a continuous existence independent of the existences of its members, and with powers and liabilities distinct from those of its members. Therefore, Food Inc. implies that food system of the modern day has… View Article

Food Irradiation

Food irradiation has the longest history, more than 40 years, of scientific research and testing of any food technology before approval. Research has been comprehensive, and has included wholesomeness, toxicological, and microbiological evaluation. Worldwide, 38 countries permit irradiation of food, and more than 28 billion lb of food is irradiated annually in Europe. It is… View Article

Food and Agricultue

Provide at least two modern examples of how the United States has increased its food production. Genetically modifying foods is one way the United States has grown its food increase. The use of genetically engineered crops has grown rapidly in countries such as the United States, especially for soybeans, corn, and cotton where GM crops… View Article

Food Manifesto

The ideal food system is; sustainable, both in practice and in mindset, values necessity over want whenever food is concerned, and is available to all peoples while promoting equality. Sustainability at its hear is both a practice and a mindset. One cannot be present without the other or else they fail. The current food system… View Article

The North and South in Antebellum United States

In the time just before the Civil War, the United States was one of the most successful nations in the world. The United States had become the world’s leading cotton producing country and had developed industry, which would in the future, surpass that of Great Britain. Also, the United States possessed an advanced railroad and… View Article