Afterlife Essay Topics

To Build a Fire and The Law of Life

Both short stories To Build a Fire and The Law of Life by the famous American author Jack London were similar and yet different in several ways. London is known for his stories about the Alaskan and South Pacific wilderness. He wrote during the Naturalism Period and instead of telling a pretty story with a… View Article

Life and Hills like White Elephants

The life of Ernest Hemingway can be roughly described as turbulent as he previously led a tumultuous social life and has had a complicated marital relationship (Raeburn, p. 207). Although he has won for himself numerous awards in literature, the life of Hemingway remained blemished by his multiple relationships as well as the physical and… View Article

Hans Arp

We have already studied different artists from different fields throughout this course. By studying those artists, we have known their life and influences within the people around them, their followers, and also to the society. By knowing other artists from different fields and genre, this paper had come up into a new path of knowing… View Article

American life

Lorraine Hansberry’s 1959 play A Raisin in the Sun reflects the cultural context in which it was created, reflecting crucial changes in American life. In particular, it reflects the American mainstream’s new tolerance for civil rights and African Americans’ rising aspirations, but it also inspired a great deal of criticism from black leftist intellectuals for… View Article

Walt Whitman’s life and works

Literature is effective as a communication tool because it serves as one important vehicle of expressing one’s view through artistic form. Many literature pieces have already been found to be filled with certain ideologies so profound that it has changed people’s perspective or at least has been a vehicle of change (Mancuso). There is a… View Article

Sympathy for the Devil Poem Analysis

In the poem Sympathy for the devil, the speaker uses many different historical allusions and understatements to gain the readers sympathy for him. The speaker of the poem is the Devil and he tries to make it sound as though he is forced to be around all of the death and despair so that the… View Article

Greek and Eygptian Mythology

The Greeks myth of creation is one of the oldest theories to date. Dated back to 753 BC in Rome and have a lot of similarities to the Egyptian myth of creation. The Egyptians documented their beliefs on stone carving inside temple walls. Greek and Egyptian myths of creation Gaia is known as the mother… View Article

Egyptomology Online

“The Book of the Dead” is a compilation of funerary texts used in Ancient Egypt. Containing spells, prayers and chants, this book was created for their people who already passed away. According to Egyptomology Online, these have been written on papyrus, amulets, linen or vellum. They were also written on walls and coffins, to guide… View Article

Kubler Ross

After reading Kubler-Ross’s On Life after Death, I must say, it’s definitely opened my eyes to a new perspective, and made me realize, that I too, will leave this earth one day. Kubler-Ross was the first in her playing field to open up the subject matter of death. She was able to bring about her… View Article

APOL 104 Worldview

“A worldview is your philosophy of life. It is the framework you bring to decision-making” (Weider & Gutierrez, 2011, p.69). How we view the world leads us to our destination. II.1. The question of origin- Where do we come from? Christians believe that we were created by the one and only sovereign God (Genesis 1:27)…. View Article

Dream of a Lost Friend

How does Duffy powerfully portray the experience of losing a friend in ‘Dream of a Lost Friend’? In this poem, Duffy explores how the tragic loss of a close friend affects the mourner, and powerfully portrays the implications of their death using imagery, structure and emotive language. She touches upon each of the 5 stages… View Article

Conceptualizing a Business – HOMICIDE CLEANUP

HOMICIDE CLEANUP My business is defined as a cleaning business, but not in the sense of your regular house cleaners. My company Homicide Cleanup, deals with the cleanup after death, whether it be in the house and or outside. The services my company provides is the cleanup after any type of death has occurred. It… View Article

Jack London: The Law of LIfe

LALAJack London: The Law of Life Culture is the expression of our nature on how we live, interact, believe, where we gain our knowledge, and it also distinguishes people from another in divergent societies. The culture of Native Americans is so history rich and storied cultured that it cannot be easily misinterpreted by anyone that… View Article

Dickinson Comparison Poem 112 and 479

Emily Dickinson is known as one of the most unique and influential poets of all time. Many of her poems are recognized for their deep meanings and dark tones. She often wrote about unconventional themes of death and immortality. Less than a dozen of her eighteen hundred poems were published while she was alive. Today,… View Article

Second Chance

“A Second Chance: The Story of a Near-Death Experience” by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This is an evaluation copy of the printed version of this book, and is NOT FOR RESALE. This evaluation copy is intended for personal noncommercial use only, under the “fair use” guidelines established by international copyright… View Article