African Americans Essay Topics

Traditional pastoral counseling

A final area of church support in the secular arena is that of traditional pastoral counseling. This counseling area, usually conducted in private and based in personal trust relationships between the church’s pastor and the congregants, includes ministry for life events. Bereavement counseling, marriage counseling (both pre-marriage counseling and counseling for relationship difficulties), career counseling… View Article

Race & the workplace

The information derived from the empirical manipulations of race of worker also revealed that depicted race has an influence to the children’s own aspirations in performing different jobs. Primarily, children ranked their own levels of interest in engaging themselves in the depicted novel jobs as notably lower when the jobs had been solely performed by… View Article

The Italian Americans

The dream of America has always been a powerful beacon of hope for people of other countries searching for a better life. The Irish came in droves to escape starvation, the Jewish came to seek safety, the Russians looking for improved living conditions. Regardless of the reasons, millions have sacrificed everything at the chance for… View Article

United Steel Workers of America and Kaiser Aluminum

The issue of discrimination has pervaded many aspects of social life. Women, minorities, and unwanted individuals usually suffered from either institutional or bigot discrimination. Because discrimination rests on the twin principles of racial superiority (or its equivalent, the so-called ‘white man’s burden’) and conservatism, it usually transcends beyond what is perceived and indicated. Discrimination, therefore,… View Article

Proposal for Reparations of African Americans

During the mid 1950s to late 1960s African Americans started responding to the oppressive treatment shown to them by the majority of white people in the country. They responded to the segregation of blacks and whites during that time and the double standards the African Americans were held to. African Americans responded to their suppression… View Article