Aerodynamics Essay Topics

How Do Shark Reduce Drag

How do sharks reduce drag? And what are the engineering applications? There are three types of drag present on the shark during locomotion. The first type of drag is known as frictional drag, which is the greatest element of drags in the shark. This is arises due to the friction created between the skin and… View Article

Dynamic and flexible opportunities

Different institution or any organized group that composes members and hierarchy of position can establish welfare policy to maintain balance and harmony. Policymakers are faced with a challenging task to present variety of opportunities, orders and challenges basically for the benefits of those people under a group or institution. However what if those welfare policies… View Article

Frictional loss in pipe

Abstract The main aim of this experiment was to show how the friction factor varies with Reynolds number by manipulating the flow rate of the fluid in a pipe. The main principle used in the experiment was the Bernoulli’s equation, taking major head losses into account. These major head losses were normally due to wall… View Article

Water Bottle Rockets

Introduction A water bottle rocket is essentially that; a bottle modified in the image of a rocket then filled with a select amount of water that is pressurised and launched into the air due to the forces pushing the rocket upwards from the launcher. When the completed water bottle rocket is sitting on the launcher,… View Article

Aviation questionnaire

This assessment consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. The questions cover aviation subjects studied for the issue of the commercial pilot’s licence and general aircraft handling. The questions are answered by pointing and clicking the required answer using the mouse. To move to the next question click on the ‘next’ button. To go back to a… View Article