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Interest Groups

Are interest groups useful or harmful? Interest groups, also referred to as: special interests, pressure groups, organized interests, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), political groups, lobby groups and public interest groups, are organized collections of people or organizations whose goal is to influence public policy (511). ‘Interest groups’ is a term that encompasses a variety of organized…

Interest Groups

Introduction As we all know there are types of groups that are playing important role in the administration in the mechanism of government especially in terms of decision making or legislative body. These groups are known as Interest Groups and Pressure Groups. Basically interest group is defined as any collection of people organized to promote…

Explain the value that professional nursing organizations have in networking and in the legislative process. Provide a rationale for your response

Professional nursing organizations range from general, such as the ANA, which represents the nursing profession and the interests of its members, to specific, which are those that represent a certain specialty, such as the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. Professional nursing organizations can help nurses stay current in the field of study or specialty, network…



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Community Health Advocacy Project

The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS [2009]), says that for every dollar used in health care, less than $0.03 is spent in health prevention activities. Community and public health nurses are in position to actively participate in health promotion. This article will describe the terms community and aggregate, and the differences between these concepts….

Health Advocacy Campaign

Health Advocacy Campaign: Fighting Mental Illnesses one Day at A Time Millions of American’s are affected by mental health illnesses. As a nurse I understand that mental health illnesses have no respect of person. The National Alliance on Mental Illness reported that approximately 61.5 million Americans are affected by mental illness in a given year,…

What Factors Determine the Success of a Pressure Group?

Pressure groups are organisations which seek to influence the government to make or change policies or legislation. They tend not to seek political power or put candidates up for elections. Supporters suggest that there are many factors which may determine the success of pressure groups. Supporters suggest that there are many factors which may determine…

Why Are Some Pressure Groups More Successful Than Others

A pressure group is an organisation which means to influence decisions made by government for a specific cause. Some pressure groups are successful in their endeavours, however many aren’t. The success of a pressure group depends on many factors. A large factor is the method through which pressure groups attempt to get their point heard….

Mediation and Advocacy Literature Review

In the human services field there is a combination of areas that require mediation and advocacy. Human services consist of and utilize a number of disciplines. Mediation is usually defined as a process in which an impartial third party helps parties resolve a dispute or plan a transaction by assisting their negotiations. Approaches, however, can…

Business Lobbying

The topic – It is always better to have clarity on the topic as it allows a clear flow of ideas. Lobbying, in fact, are the attempts made by certain corporate groups to influence the direction of legislative policy of a country/state in such a manner so as to bring benefits to them and safeguard…

Patient Advocacy Analysis

Introduction A patient advocate may be present for healthcare appointments and alert the healthcare provider about patient compliance issues. He or she may separately assist the healthcare provider and support staff with potential issues and communication challenges. The patient advocate is also responsible for maintaining communication with the patient and healthcare provider to ensure that…

Visual Arts and Social Advocacy

Art is basically a social construction. It is a mere representation of the experiences of the artist himself, thus it can never be real. Groups of people agree to a certain thing. The capacity of man to receive another mans expression of feeling and the experience those feelings himself is where the activity of art…

On Mark Cloer and Advocacy for the Causes of the Elderly

In trying to select a state-elected official to interview, I wanted to have someone who was actively involved in lobbying for nursing issues. I then chose Representative Mark Cloer. Currently, he is the state representative of District 17, where he has been first elected in November 7, 2000. On the other hand, his last election…

Race in the study of food

“Local food advocacy is a political and moral discourse that is meant to provide the foundation for understanding local food networks as sites of resistance against the norms and power of globalized industrial foodways” (Daston, 2017). Daston is correct “in her philosophy because, in various and dispersed traditions, nature has been upheld as the pattern…

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