Advertisement Essay Topics

Writing an analysis of a charity advert

The charity which I am analysing is called the teenage cancer trust. At the top of the pave there is a ‘teenage’ girl who has no hair holding lipstick and looking in the mirror. Then it has a headline saying’ Keeping up appearances is important even for a teenage girl with cancer’. Then you have… View Article

Writing a commentary of your charity advert

My charity advert is for children addicted to computer games. At first I thought of sensible ideas like heart disease or cancer but then I thought why don’t I do something wacky. Once I thought of the idea all these things started flowing through my brain. The audience for my advert is parents and old people…. View Article

Comparing Two Advertisements

In this essay I will compare two advertisements both of which are marketing motor vehicles. Both of these advertisements are presented on a single page but one is promoting a Nissan X-Trail jeep and the other a Fiat Seicento 2Tone car. I chose to compare these two advertisements, as they are both similar in a… View Article

Gender-role in Advertisement

This paper explores gender-role in modern advertisement. Sample modern-day advertisements will be analyzed in relation to gender-roles. Gender-role refers to a person’s way of actions and thinking that is identified as either related to male or female characteristics (Haig, 2004). It is a set of expectations on how females or males should think, behave, and… View Article

Pepsi Next Dancing Baby

There are several different types of advertising in the world today, like newspaper ads and magazine ads. Then there are commercials, they can be very manipulative in persuading specific audiences to buy their products. In the Pepsi Next “Dancing Baby” commercial, they use what is called a trick image. It is the funniest part of… View Article

Offensive Advertisement

Some marketers use persuasive advertisements to capture the attention of the customers; however, some marketers use offensive concepts to make publicity and create strong brand awareness. This is what Dolce and Gabanna did in endorsing the products in the market. The magazine advertisement portrays an image of a lady while being raped by a group… View Article

How to analyze an ad

Analysis of how a particular advertisement attempts to appeal to consumers By giving form to audience motives and desires, advertisers have the best chance of arresting attention and affecting communication. This is an analysis of the lift advertisement for Maxwell House Coffee created by the design agency Ogilvy Beijing of China. When the doors opened,… View Article

McDonalds Video Advertisement

This paper analyzes the rhetorical features of one particular video advertisement (2010 see Reference list for details) that was issued on the internet by the multinational burger company McDonalds. It now circulates on the internet with and without the English subtitles. The subtitled text of the advert is a very brief nine lines long, followed… View Article