Adoption Essay Topics

Trans Racial Adoption

In a well-publicized 1989 case, a black boy named Reecie West was raised from the age of two months by Dale and Jan May, a white foster couple in Cincinnati, Ohio. When Reecie was freed for adoption, the Mays applied to adopt him. However, the social service department decided to search the country for a… View Article

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

Abstract This is a case conceptualization of a client referred to a Residential Treatment Facility by Family Court for treatment and evaluation of intellectual, academic, and behavioral performance. The client presents with several issues. In the client interview, the counselor hypothesizes that client has difficulty with anger, aggression, and low frustration tolerance. The client’s current… View Article

Fallout Book Report

P.S. I am sorry the summary is so long but I wanted to make sure everything in the book was covered and there being 3 people makes it 2 times longer. The novel is a memoir of the lives of three children of a meth-addicted mother, Kristina, and how her addiction affected their lives. They… View Article

Analysis of Child Development Research

The purpose of the study was to compare the outcomes of youth in long-term foster care with a group of children who entered into foster care and were subsequently adopted before reaching the age of 7 (Vinnerljung & Hjern 2011). Previous research conducted by Bohman and Sigvardsson found that at the age of 15, foster… View Article

Close Adoption vs Open Adoption

The concept of adoption was not legally recognized in the United States until the 1850’s, with the inception of the first adoption laws. While transfers of children to substitute parents or now known as “adoptive parents” had occurred informally since American colonial times, adoption laws legitimized the informal adoptive arrangements which previously existed. There are… View Article

Gay and Lesbian Adoption

Homosexuality has been a part of civilization since the early years of recorded history. Erotic attraction and sexual endeavors between males were deep-rooted and acquiesced part of the cultural standrds of Ancient Greece. Historically, homosexuals (gays, lesbians. bi-sexuals and transvestites) were subjects to social injustice such as violence, prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping (Rupp 287). In… View Article

Teen Pregnancy Leads to Adoption

Teen Pregnancy is a problem in today’s society. There appears to be a lack of support and teen mothers don’t know their options. I feel that many teens today are unaware of the dangers of unprotected sex and what the outcomes are in this process. To bring another life into this world without proper care… View Article

Adoption and the Care of Orphan Children

A common conception is that Islamic law forbids adoptions. However, this belief misses the complexity of Islamic law, the scope of adoption laws and practices across the world, and the overwhelming emphasis on taking care of orphans and foundlings found within Islamic sources. Contemporary adoption practices are immensely complex issues, overlapping with children’s rights, international… View Article

Speech on Adoption Issues in Nsw -Family Law Legal Studies

Adoption is the legal process, which permanently transfers all the legal rights and responsibilities of being a parent from the child’s birth parents to the adoptive parents. Adoption in NSW is currently covered by the Adoption Act 2000. Raised with this act are both legal and ethical issues. Adoption offers the greatest sense of belonging… View Article

Play Review: “Annie”

The play “ANNIE” was all about an orphan who is waiting her parents to get her in the orphanage because when she was a baby her parents promised her in a letter that they will get her back when the time comes. And they have a proof that they were Annie’s parents because of her… View Article

The Lost Boy

“The Lost Boy” is an emotional non-fiction story, an autobiography, of Dave Pelzer’s difficult trials of child abuse and experience in foster care. It is a tale of a young boy who lives in isolation and fear searching for a place to call home, for a family. “The Lost Boy” encompasses themes of love, hate,… View Article

The History of Open Adoption in the US

Open adoption has become the norm in the U. S. for infant adoptions. The closed procedures that dominated adoption in the past required that there be no exchange of information or contact of any kind between the adopting and biological parents. All decisions about who adopted which baby were made solely by agency social workers…. View Article

Kids in Care

In the UK today, there are 70,000 children in care of the state. Since the tragic death of Peter Connelly – known as Baby P – the number of children taken into care has risen by 40%. This is a tale of two boys – a Conner and a Conor. They are just two of… View Article

Goal, time and communication

What is a successful student? Many people tend to regard them as people who are successful in academic area only. However, this is the age of change, our society, which includes the economic and political surroundings as well as the natural environment, rapidly change. Not only should a successful student excel at academic sphere, but… View Article

Gay Adoption Essay

In the essay “Gay Adoption Should Be Allowed: Spreading Love to the Unfortunate,” Joyce Maguire Pavao states that “Allowing same – sex couples to adopt is a powerful step towards success and it helps in many ways, which is why same-sex couples should be able to adopt.” The author primarily supports her position by using… View Article