Activism Essay Topics

Rodolpho’s smile

Catherine running to Rodolpho symbolises that she has chosen him over Eddie. Eddie expected her to choose him, as he was stronger and more of a man. In my opinion Eddie should never of started fighting with Rodolpho. Eddie doesn’t realise that Rodolpho could actually really hurt him, not physically but emotionally by taking Catherine… View Article

Anti War Activism in the World of Cyberspace & Beyond

The group this study examines is an anti war group, called IVAW or Iraq Veterans Against the War (http://www. ivaw. org) initially organized by veterans of the Iraq War in 2004, one year after the start of the war in Iraq, and have expanded their mission to opposing the conflict in Afghanistan. This is clearly… View Article

Media and Activism

To perceive the media as an institution that practices activism implies three things. First, individuals’ knowledge of the events in social and political institutions is purely determined by the hegemonic groups in society. Second, the media has gone beyond its role as an institution that provides objective information about the sociopolitical events in society. Lastly,… View Article

Political Awareness

Social media become an important medium of communication in the modern time in which it is provide powerful channels of information between politician and citizens. Besides that, the social media act as proactive devices for encouraging the citizen to participate in democratic process. The social media an important medium of information have influence people’s thought… View Article

Cornel West’s contribution to African/Amercian Philosophy

Cornel West, born June 02, 1953, is an American philosopher, author, actor (some of you may know him from Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions), civil rights activist and prominent member of the Democratic Socialists of America. West, commonly known for his blend of political and moral insight and criticism and his contribution to the post-1960s civil… View Article

The Boston Teaparty and American Revolution

The revolution in America gained momentum as Britain continued to pass new taxes and send more soldiers to the continent. The American people, along with their anger over the Appalachian Mountain boundary, did not enjoy these new taxes. Their protests and demonstrations were initially only in defiance to the new laws, but as their patience… View Article

Small Change: Why the revolution will not be tweeted

In his article, “Small Change: Why the revolution will not be tweeted”, Malcolm Gladwell offers harsh critiques of the superficial relationship between social media and social change. Gladwell writes, “social media cannot provide what social change requires” (Gladwell, 315). Gladwell argues that social change requires “strong ties” and “a level of hierarchy organization” in which… View Article

Entire Course

  The Power of Many Watch From the grassroots- Understanding community organizing. Consider the African proverb: “A single bracelet does not jingle.” Discuss the process of social change and the benefit of organizing together for change over individual efforts. Read about the approaches or paths that can be taken to effect progressive social change. Discuss… View Article