Acid Essay Topics

Magnesium and Hydrochloric

Time till syringe stopped moving (secs)We chose to use 8 cms of Magnesium and 50 ml of Hydrochloric acid, because this was the one that gave us the best opportunity to record more results as it produced more Hydrogen than the others, but didn’t go off the scale on the gas syringe and wasn’t too… View Article

Butanol and Ethanol at room temperature

This experiment is to investigate if CaCl2 and Na2CO3 in Distilled Water, Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Butanol and Ethanol at room temperature. Hypothesis This investigation is to see which one of the two solids dissolves in which of the liquids. These solids are CaCl2 and Na2CO3. I find that Na2CO3 may be more soluble in… View Article

The Crumbling Taj

The reaction rate, however, should decrease as the experiment progresses because as the reaction time increases the number of hydrochloric acid molecules present will decrease as they have been reacted to form water calcium chloride and carbon dioxide. The additional water and calcium chloride present as the experiment progresses should decrease the rate of reaction… View Article

Rates of reaction

Acid strength varied but volume stayed the same. Cleaned all the equipment after use, to avoid contamination.  Same temperature each time.  No catalyst used in any reaction. Results: HCL(cm3) H20(cm3) Na2S2O3(cm3) Time (sec) Rate (particles reacted per second) 1 2 3 AVG (2mol/dm3) 25(from bottle A) (1. 75mol/dmm3) (1. 5mol/dm3)  (1mol/dm3) 25(from bottle B) (0…. View Article

Rates of reaction

Refer to: GRAPH 1 The basic trend of the graph shows that time of reaction (y) decreases at a decreasing rate. More specifically the curve of best fit shows that the average temperature (y) is inversely proportional to the average time of reaction (x). This forms an equation of y=mi?? (1/x) Time of reaction =… View Article

The particles in the liquid are moving continuously

The rate of reaction tells us how quickly a chemical reaction takes place-i. e. , how long it is before the reactants are fully reacted, and how much product is produced in a certain period of time. The rate of reaction is affected by the reactivity of the substances; for example, potassium is more reactive… View Article

The result of mixing calcium carbonate + hydrochloric acid

I will set the apparatus out as shown above. To make it a fair experiment I will always add three marble chips and 10ml of acid to the test tube, for the first experiment. The clock will start with the test tube is secured with the bung. I will count how many bubbles come out… View Article

Gas Syringe

In this investigation I have been investigating the rate of reactions. I will be investigating the rate of reaction with calcium carbonate and hydrochloric acid, investigating the factors that affect the rate of the reaction. The rate of a reaction is how long a chemical reaction takes to happen. Some reactions are instant, like an… View Article

Hydrochloric acid

In this investigation I am going to see how temperature affects the rate of reaction. To do this I will change the temperature at which a reaction between Sodium Thiosulphate and Hydrochloric acid is conducted. Here is a chemical equation for this reaction: Hydrochloric acid +Sodium Thiosulphatei?? Sodium chloride + sulphur dioxide + sulphur +… View Article

The temperature of these in order to get my results

In this investigation I will be using CaCO3 in the form of marble chips, and will be reacting these chips with hydrochloric acid. The equation for this is below. Aim: I am trying to investigate whether or not temperature affects the rate of reaction in an experiment. The experiment which I am doing is how… View Article

The oxidation of ethanol

The purpose of this experiment is to oxidize ethanol and then to test the product to determine whether it has been oxidised to ethanal or oxidised to ethanoic acid. Method We added 6cmi?? of water to a pear-shaped flask, then added 2cmi?? of concentrated sulphuric acid, and set up the apparatus as shown below, but… View Article

Top-pan balance

If we look at Tahmid’s lowest concentration, 1cm3 was produced. Then when we look at the highest concentrations on both, 0. 417 for my results and 5. 208 for Tahmid’s, 11. 33 cm3 and 10. 67cm3 f carbon dioxide was produced respectively. Both of the graphs had a positive correlation, the total of carbon dioxide… View Article

Practical on Enthalpy Changes Between Acids and Bases

Introduction All life on earth depends on the transfers of energy in chemical reactions. So that measurements can be made when energy is transferred during chemical reactions, that have to be carried out under controlled conditions. A special name is given to process where energy is transferred and exchanged with the surroundings, when taking place… View Article

The effect of different factors on egg white

As the title suggests I am going to investigate the effect of various factors in egg white. And as all of us know that egg meals are rich in proteins and that why we feed them to small children. But not all the parts of the egg have the same amount of proteins in them… View Article

Acid Rain Investigation

Background information: o There are many different kinds of erosion but acid rain or else wind erosion are the two main types which could have eroded the marble statue which was positioned in the garden close to the industrial site. o Acid rain is made up from of a cocktail of different acids e.g. sulphuric… View Article