Access control Essay Topics

Conquerors or Jinas

Jainism originated in ancient East India by the birth and ultimate liberation of twenty four conquerors or Jinas. People of the Jain faith believe that Jinas are human beings who become divine by subduing their sensual desires and overcoming karma, which is the accumulation of good and bad deeds. Good deeds allow living beings to… View Article

Human Resources Integration

Hugh McCauley, the Chief Operations Officer of Riordan Manufacturing, has placed a service request, SR-rm-022 to integrate all existing Human Resources tools into a single integrated application across all plant locations. The business would like to take advantage of a more sophisticated, state-of-the-art, information systems technology to replace their current Human Resources Information System or… View Article

Common risks, threats, and vulnerabilities

1. What are some common risks, threats, and vulnerabilities commonly found in the LAN-to-WAN Domain that must be mitigated through a layered security strategy? A layered security strategy will encompass Rouge protocols such as Bit mining and P2P, Unauthorized network scanning and probing, and unauthorized access to the network. 2. What is an Access Control… View Article

Intro to Security Final Project

Due in Week Nine: Write 3 to 4 paragraphs giving a bottom-line summary of the specific measureable goals and objectives of the security plan, which can be implemented to define optimal security architecture for the selected business scenario. The objective of the Security Policy is to provide the basis of a secure information system within… View Article

Information Systems Security Survey

The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) is an institution that was built back in the 19th century. UNMC’s mission is to improve the health of Nebraska through premier educational programs, innovative research, the highest quality patient care, and outreach to underserved populations (UNMC, 2004). As an institution with key interest to privacy of its… View Article


IMPACT OF A DATA CLASSIFICATION STANDARD Being a mid-level financial investment and consulting firm, we are governed by laws to protect personal data of our customers. To reduce risks and threats the company needs to develop an IT Security Policy Framework that contains four main components: Policy, Standard, Procedures and Guidelines1. This report focuses on… View Article

Internal Building Security Proposal

Internal Building Security Proposal Access Control is an important part of any business. Anytime a business is under construction it will be more vulnerable to threats and attacks. Construction will need more protection because of the ability to gain easier access to a building because of the open areas within the building. Certain areas in… View Article

Introduction to Information Security

Security Domains and Strategies Safety of data and information is a real important aspect of a company. Before we can create an outline for general security solutions we must first define what is needed. I recommend that we use a multi-layered security plan. There are a total of seven domains of an IT infrastructure including… View Article