Abuse Essay Topics

Evaluate what psychologists have discovered about substance use and abuse

In discovering about substance use and abuse one issue encountered are the inevitable ethical issues that occur. In Mestel and Concar’s study for example, sensitive data was collected. Sharing this sensitive data wit hthe researchers may have caused participants unnecessary anxiety or embarrassment if for example the urine test showed that they had used cocaine…. View Article

Safeguarding Children – Dangers of Abuse and Legislation

The Children Act 1989 states that it’s the responsibility of parents and professionals who work with children to ensure the safety of the child. This Act includes two important sections that focus speciï¬cally on child protection, the first is that local authorities have a responsibility to investigate any situation where they suspect that a child… View Article

How to Safeguard the Well-Being of Children and Young People

1.Understand the main legislation guidelines, policies and procedures for safeguarding children and young people 1.1 Outline current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures within own UK home Nation affecting the safeguarding of children and young people Polices and procedures for safeguarding and child protection in England and Wales are the result of the Children Act 1989… View Article

Substance Abuse – Alcohol and Drugs

World Health Organization has played a huge role in the management of substance abuse and its prevention especially among the vulnerable groups. It has supported countries to reduce and prevent problems caused by the use of psychoactive substances in terms of regulations and policy implementation. Its main mandate is to; “recommend reduction and prevention mechanisms… View Article

Sanctions in Criminal and Civil Law

Answer to Question 1 Sanctioning or Punishment is the act of imposing an unpleasant condition upon a subject in order to stop an undesirable behavior that he has displayed. The main rationale is that if people are harmed for their wrongful conduct, such wrongful conduct will no longer continue in the future.[1]  In law, there… View Article

Effects of Child Abuse

Child abuse is a prevailing problem in society that must be addressed at the soonest possible time. However, it is one of the most difficult problems to address as well since there are only certain ways by which it can be monitored. What makes it even harder is the fact that the parents themselves are… View Article

To Spank or not to Spank?

Abuse involves cruel or violent treatment of another human being, especially any kind of sexual assault. “The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1996 defines child abuse as ‘any recent act of failure to act, on the part of a parent or caretaker, which results in death, serious harm, sexual abuse, or exploitation, or… View Article

Torture Case

Is torture ever justified? Frontline tells us that (Frontline, 2007) “the classic example in the debate is whether” ticking time bomb” terrorists should be tortured. It assumes that a person has information that could save hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of lives. If that person is in custody, how far should authorities be willing… View Article

Treatment Programs for Criminals

Research indicates that helping and guiding individuals who are regarded as criminals and abusers is a very hard task for an individual who is not well experienced due to an increase in crime as a result of various reasons that include poverty, misuse of drugs, and fighting for power among others. Many societies have come… View Article

Treating Substance Abuse: A Discussion of Two Prominent Methods

It is an alarming fact that around the world, substance abuse is a major health problem and social problem. Research has led to the identification of many factors involved in addictive behavior. Many organizations and facilities exist offering treatment through various methods and with different success rates. Two of these methods are presented and personally… View Article

Abuse Institutional Abuse

Unit 204 – Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care The numbers in the bracket after each question relate to the assessment criteria in the standards UNIT 4222-205 1. Define the following types of abuse: (1.1.1) see more:reports into serious failures to protect individuals from abuse • Sexual abuse Sexual abuse is… View Article

Prevention Of Elderly Abuse Neglect And Exploitation

There is a growing concern over elderly abuse, neglect and exploitation as it has been lately estimated that its occurrence has increased over the past few decades.  The first reported estimate of elderly abuse stated that approximately 3% of elderly individuals in the United States have been abused (Pillemer and Finkelhor, 1988), which may be… View Article

Psychological Abuse

Psychological abuse refers to “abuse that damages the psyche, or the mind. Psychological abuse happens when one person attempts to gain power and control over another.” It involves the deliberate infliction of pain or anguish to another person through verbal or nonverbal conduct designed to humiliate or threaten another person (National Committee for the Prevention… View Article

Social Dimensions of Child Abuse in KSA

First of all, I wish to laud you for having tackled these important aspects of the problem you wish to do research on: You have an excellent grasp of long-term outcomes, policy changes (p. 7) Acknowledging that some baseline research has already been done (p. 5) Difficulties (p. 6), really Limitations which you must address… View Article