Abraham Maslow Essay Topics

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

In the 1950’s a psychologist called Abraham Maslow conducted research on the understanding of human motivation. In 1954 he suggested there were two sets of human needs, one set related to basic survival needs such as homeostasis, physiological needs and safety. The second set he believed focused on self –actualisation, this particular need is where… View Article

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

With the exception of reflexes, the science of psychology portends that all human behavior is motivated. The subject is exhaustively dealt with by different schools of thought and each of which appears to be valid explanations of human behavior. Dr. Abraham Maslow (Halonen & Santrock, 1996) made a strenuous effort to arrange human motives in… View Article

Psychology of Guido Orifice in “Life Is Beautiful”

Guido Orefice, the main character from ‘La Vita E Bella,’ is a very optimistic person. He works for his uncle in a hotel in Italy. He keeps bumping into a lady, whom he considers to be his princess, Principessa Dora. Guido does many things and takes many risks just to see Dora. So they fall… View Article

Transition stages of a group

Recognizing that change will be occurring noticing our reaction to it initiates the transition process. Some people recognize the need change earlier than others. We may see the signs and notice the handwriting on the wall well ahead of others. Other of us may not recognize or react until the change is imminent. In either… View Article

Critically evaluate McGregor’s Theroy X and Theory Y

Critically evaluate McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y. How far is it applicable to management and employee motivation in contemporary Chinese organizations? In the modern corporation environment, employees’ motivation plays a pivotal role, thus they should be recognised as a significant part of corporations’ financial assets. There are several distinct viewpoints of approaches to managerial… View Article

Psychology and Motivation

What are some of the limitations of traditional approaches to motivation? Discuss this question, referring to at least three specific management theories and considering the historical context in which these ideas were developed or adopted. Motivation in general refers to the result of behavioral changes in reaction to internal or external stimuli. Analysis can be… View Article

The Hierarchy of Needs Theory by Abraham Maslow

In the demanding world of business, motivation of the employers as well as of employees play a tremendous role (McKay, “Importance of Motivation and Goal Setting for Businesses”). Unfortunately, theories about human motivation and what drives the employers and their employees to be motivated have not been studied until only recently. This paper will cover… View Article

Safe and supportive learning environment

3.1 Explain how to establish and maintain a safe and supportive environment A safe and supportive environment, on a practical level, would involve the tutor taking responsibility for the physical environment i.e. health and safety issues, ensuring all risks have been assessed. Seating arrangements; i.e. either informal to promote more casual participation or formally to… View Article

Explore the behavioral and humanistic theory

INTRODUCTION This project, emphasis is on the behavioral theory and humanistic theory. My research constructed chiefly on two behavioral theorists Burrhus Fredric Skinner and John Broadus Watson and two humanistic theorists Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. In behavioral theory, the founder of psychological behaviorism, John Watson believed that internal thinking process could not be observed;… View Article

Personality Analysis

How Personality Affects Situational Behavior Relative to learning theory; human behavior is associated with cognitive and environmental factors (Feist & Feist, 2009). Bandura (1997) self-efficacy theory supposes a person’s individual perception on if a particular task could be achieved and influence a person’s aptitude to achieve. Bandura deemed the power of personal efficacy profoundly has… View Article

Problem Solving at Sun-2-Shade Using Maslow’s Motivational Theory

In using Maslow’s motivational theory, I would observe where the employees at Sun-2-Shade were in comparison to the chart Maslow illustrates. According to “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” chart, “When one need is satisfied, another; higher need emerges and motivated us to satisfy it, (Nickels, McHugh, McHugh, 2013).” In taking notice that the employees come late… View Article


MASLOW’S THEORY OF HUMAN NEEDS Maslow’s theory of human needs focuses on the key foundation and the relations of human needs A need is a physiological or psychological deficiency that a person wants to satisfy In his theory, Maslow identified human needs and categorized them into 5 levels. These levels are physiological needs, safety needs,… View Article

The Role of Communication in the Modern World

The Issue of Communication in the Modern World According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of communication is, “the science and practice of transmitting information to another through connections or means of access; social dealings; letter, message etc”. We must communicate in an effective manner in order to be understood or to get our message… View Article