Ab Narrative Report Essay

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Ab Narrative Report

We as the students of MinSCAT Calapan City Campus, is taking up the requirement for graduation called NSTP-National Service Training Program. This is the course that will train us and mandated by the laws. Under NSTP, there are three components. First is the ROTC-Reserve Officer Training Corp., second is the LTS-Literacy Training Service and the last, our component called CWTS-Civic Welfare Training Service. It refers to activities contributory to the general welfare and betterment of life in our society. It is a great privilege for us to part of this welfare and for the goodness of our society.

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Through this component, we will learn a lot of things, we will be trained, we will learned, we will serve and we will commit. Into this, we can impart all this learning’s to our community also as a student full of responsibility. We also have our teachers as our mentors. We have Mrs. Andres as our NSTP Director, Mr. Dela Vega as our CWTS coordinator, Mrs. Liway as our CWTS Adviser and others that impart our knowledge.

In our first semester in our NSTP, we have a wonderful welcome ceremony to all the students of NSTP. It is well organize. As the CWTS continues its duty, it has different guest speakers from different places and organizations. Also under our Government groups of public servant. One of our invited guest speaker is from the PDEA-Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency talked about the usage of drugs that affects the life of every human in this country. And the most affected place where drugs were being raid is in the part of NCR. A poor impact to every student who take marijuana and drugs. And they also tackled about the causes of using drugs, all of its disadvantage. The National Risk Reduction tackled about the alertness in every disaster that every people must know even a simple student must know the alertness of all the calamities that will come.

The PNPA-Philippine National Police Academy share us the goodness of entering a police course. They informed us about the different advantages of being a student of PNPA. There are so many benefits like having their own allowance every month. The school of PNPA is providing the needs of every student that are enrolled in their school. THE Philippine Navy also shares us on how to take care, respect and fix the flag.

After all the sessions we had in the Activity Center, we are also trained and prepared for cleaning the surroundings. It is simple in words but when you are in actual performing the maintenance of cleanliness of the school, you will fin d it difficult if you are not that kind of responsible at the first time.

But we as students of this school, we will do our best to do our duties and responsibilities as a part of CWTS component.

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