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A View From The Bridge Essay

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A View From The Bridge

Arthur Miller ends ‘A View From The Bridge” so tragically with so many people at a loss, it is challenging to pick a single character for whom you feel the most sympathy. The story is set in 1956 in Brooklyn America, which by itself was a hard time for people living in the era. However, the opening of the play is brought across as a typical, everyday setting in Eddie Carbone’s apartment. He and his niece, Catherine, are sitting in the living room/dining room where most of the play is set. When Eddie is commenting on his niece’s dress, speech such as “Beautiful!

Turn around, lemme see in the back. Oh, if your mother was alive to see you now! She wouldn’t believe it” gives the reader a feeling of general everyday calmness, which suggests that nothing unpleasant in the near future is likely to occur. As the play unfolds however, we begin to view a rise in overall tension – especially between certain characters. As Eddie is brought across as the main character of the play, with so many problems, you can tell that the story is not going to end on easy terms for him.

He controls the outcome of the play, as he is the main character. Throughout the majority of the play, we can see Eddie breaking down (Feeling attracted to his niece and trying to get his wife’s cousins deported) – and it is clear that Miller tried to make the audience feel a sense of dislike towards him. This is effective, as when he is killed at the end it leaves the audience with mixed emotions. They were feeling angry towards him and then almost immediately afterwards, he is killed.

At the end scene, he shows that he is willing to sacrifice himself for his conception, even though it may not be acceptable to many others, which may lead readers to question if Eddie’s intentions weren’t good all along, and he is purely the victim. I feel that Miller tried to put this across plainly to the audience, and that he definitely intended to make the audience have second thoughts about their opinions of Eddie. In the play, Rudolpho is seen as a polite, innocent character. He is very attached to his brother Marco, and seems to be under his control in many ways.

We can see this taking place in various forms – particularly when Marco silences Rudolpho, to prevent him saying things that may not be appropriate. Rudolpho takes heed of him immediately whenever this happens. Because Rudolpho is living under Eddie’s roof, he treats him with respect. However, even though Rudolpho is brought across as someone who is pleasant, he gives off the feeling that he has the ability to influence Eddie and the other characters if he feels the need – for example, the way he lunges at Eddie ‘with tears of rage’ while shouting “Don’t say that to me! ” in the second act.

There are not many reasons for feeling a sense of sympathy towards Rudolpho at the end of the story, mainly because he did not lose anyone close to him, as Beatrice and Catherine did. It is clear, however, that even though he and Eddie were rather cold to each other near the end, the death of Eddie (his future wife’s uncle) would have certainly affected him greatly – being the sensitive person that he is. Marco is Rudolpho’s brother and Beatrice’s cousin. Miller brings him across as a strong, silent man who has his heart in the right place. As soon as we are introduced to him, we can tell that he treats Eddie with a great deal of respect.

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