A View from the Bridge Essay Topics

A View From The Bridge

Arthur Miller wrote ‘A View from the Bridge in 1955. The structure of this play is relatively straightforward. It is set in the late 1940 amoung the Sicilian community in Brooklyn, New York ‘the slum that faces the bay on the seaward side of Brooklyn Bridge’. It is said to be a modern version of… View Article

A view from the bridge

Look closely at the end of Act 1. How does Arthur Miller create tension in this scene and create clues as to how the play will end? ‘A View from the Bridge’ is a play script that is based on a true story written by Arthur Miller in the 1950s and published in 1955. ‘A View… View Article

A View From The Bridge

This essay outlines the various techniques used by Arthur Miller to build tension in the final scene of Act I in a ‘View From The Bridge’. This essay discusses the main conflicts which are arisen from the discussion at the table to the chair lifting contest. The play is set in New York in the 1920’s… View Article

Protagonist and a Chorus

Aurthor Miller the author of ‘A View from the Bridge’ shows an interest in his writing across the variety of novels he has written has been about the ‘average person’. The play was set in the 1950’s. The key elements of a Greek tragedy are that it has a Protagonist and a Chorus. The play starts… View Article

A View from the Bridge

Eddie Carbone, the protagonist of the play, is in many ways a tragic hero and like all tragic heroes has a fatal flaw. Eddie’s harmatia is his incestuous feelings for Catherine. Arthur Miller has used the character of Eddie as an everyman perhaps to show that any person can make mistakes with ones feelings. Through… View Article

View from the Bridge

Discuss the importance of stage directions in Arthur Millers “a View from the Bridge” and what they reveal about the character of Eddie Carbone. In all plays there are stage directions, which is very important in drama. Stage directions allow the actors and directors acting out the play to follow a certain way of doing… View Article

A View from the Bridge

Eddie Carbone lives in the dockland area of New York, specifically Red Hook. Therefore, there are many cultural influences from different parts of the world. There is a strict moral code in the society towards many things. When immigrants arrive, they do not tell the Immigration Bureau about them, but allow them to work. Everybody… View Article

Characterisation of Eddie Carbone

Explore the ways a central character is presented in the drama text. Use examples from the text in your response. Eddie Carbone, a 40 year old Italian American Citizen from Sicily, is the tragic protagonist of A view from the Bridge by Arthur Miller. Alfieri, the chorus in the story, first introduces Eddie as a… View Article