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A View from a Bridge by Arthur Miller Essay

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A View from a Bridge by Arthur Miller

There are several factors which lead to Eddie’s eventual decline. The main ones were things like the influence of the society, influence of the people around him and ultimately himself highlighting his unwillingness to negotiate and his excessively close relationship with Catherine. Nearly all the characters in the story were responsible for Eddie’s eventual downfall. In page 39, Catherine says: “You wanna dance Rodolfo? ” At this point Eddie freezes in obvious disapproval.

Rodolfo senses that Eddie is unhappy about her dancing with him so Rodolfo replies: “No, I-I’m tired” in defense to Eddie. Beatrice makes things worse by saying: “Go ahead, dance, Rodolfo”. Eddie particularly didn’t like the fact the Catherine had put on high heels in the house, just to make a good impression on a young man (Rodolfo) before the dancing incident. Eddie says: “What’s the high heels for Garbo? ” Alfieri is also to blame for the death of Eddie. In page 58-59, Alfieri and Marco have a lengthy conversation.

Alfieri tries to get Marco to promise that he wouldn’t take matters in his own hands but Alfieri didn’t succeed. Alfieri says: “I’m waiting, Marco, what do you say? ” then further onwards Rodolfo says: “Marco, tell the man” Marco replies: “He knows such a promise is dishonorable” Marco clearly has pride for himself which he feels that he could lose. Alfieri then promises that Marco will not harm Eddie on behalf of him but this promise was outwardly unsecure. Eddie’s attempt to always be the man of the house was a factor leading to his breakdown.

Eddie’s Sicilian background inter links with his 1950’s notions of manhood because it meant that he had to be very manly and be the one who goes off to work. Eddie shows his manliness when he starts to be competitive with Marco and Rodolfo for instance when he starts to teach him Boxing. Eddie says: ”well come on , I’ll teach you” and then when Marco showed Eddie that he could pick up a chair with one hand, Eddie looked grumpy because he couldn’t do it, he felt like he was beaten. Many people look up to Eddie and he knows it which is a cause to his downfall.

In page 25 Louis says: “Believe me, Eddie; you got a lotta credit comin’ to you”. Eddies neighborhood motivates him a lot because he is so concerned about his respect in the neighborhood he forgets about what he is doing to the people close to him. This is shown when at the final scene he kept on demanding respect. Eddie says: ”wipin the neighborhood with my name like dirty rag ; I want my name back Marco , now gimme my name and we go together to the wedding”. As a result of this Eddie died.

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