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British cycling safeguarding and protecting children policy Essay

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British cycling safeguarding and protecting children policy

There are strategies that aim to protect children and vulnerable adults from people who might seek to abuse them and cause them harm. And in order to achieve this is by monitoring people who seek admission to them through their work, paid, unpaid and voluntary. They will have to be registered under the vetting and barring scheme and will be checked against one of two barred lists and those wishing to work with children and one for those who want to work with vulnerable adults.

Recruitment of staff: working with people who need much care can be so challenging and it requires trained staff who know how to deal with them. It is very important a person to undergo criminal records before working with vulnerable people, good checks and practice taking references from previous employers are very important as it might prevent risk coming to vulnerable people. People who require jobs that involve the care of vulnerable adults will always be required for CRB check and this is significant to the safeguarding of vulnerable adults as it means giving greater protection to susceptible adults.

No Secrets -Department of Health Guidelines 2000: this offers a structure and content for development of local agency policies procedures and promotes safety to vulnerable people. This department is useful for people who feel they are at risk of abuse by their care providers and the local agency have the responsibility to protect and prevent any harm that comes to a vulnerable people. This also covers for to identify who is at risk and why this might be. And it sets out a multi-agency framework to encourage different agencies to work closer together.
Safeguarding Adults – A National Framework for Good practice and outcomes in Adults Protection Work 2005: this protects and ensures that all services are doing their job and preventing any form of violence, abuse, bullying, humiliation, and degradation towards vulnerable people. These working strategies help reduce the risk of adults being abused as each organization is required the implementation of this work and representative on the local safeguarding Adults. This service also involves measuring achievements of the standards and introduced support programmes to assist in the process of safeguarding. They aim to ensure a nation-wide approach for protection of adults and closer multi-agency working.

The Protection of Vulnerable Adults Scheme for Adults Placement Schemes 2004: this covers to protect adults from any sort of rick and harm and is required to staff who work in care homes, provide personal care in adult’s own homes or provide foster care for adults to be checked against the POVA list of banned professionals.

Dignity in Care initiative 2006: This is a campaign that aims to end toleration of indignity in health and social care services through raising awareness and encouraging people to challenge poor service and lack of respect and also ensures all the order people to be treated with dignity and respect when receiving care from health and social care services. The service user receives a guide information which explains their rights and what they need to be provided and what they will be expecting from the health care services, this enables the elderly person to be aware of their rights and how they can identify when they are being abused by the care provider, this also helps reduce the risk and harm that might face the vulnerable adults.

Human Right in Health Care -A Framework for Local Action 2007/08: This framework assists local NHS to trust develop and apply human rights approaches in the design and delivery of their services. Human rights aim to provide health care department with the principles of fairness, respect, equality, and dignity, this ensure all healthcare service users are not being discriminated against and are all being treated equally regardless of their backgrounds skin color and also as well as meeting Care Quality Commission standards of human rights and patients’ treatment and these working strategies reduces the risk of abuse towards patients and vulnerable people.

Codes of Practice for Nursing and Social Work: This strategy of codes of practice for nursing and social work helps to reduce the risk of abuse against the vulnerable individual as the code presents the professional standards that nurses and midwives must uphold in order to be registered to practice in the UK. It is structured around four themes priorities people, practice effectively, preserves safety and promotes professionalism and trust and the code can be used by nurses and midwives as a way of reinforcing their professionalism.

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