The Advantage and Disadvantage of Using Social Media Essay

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The Advantage and Disadvantage of Using Social Media

The advantages: Based on my own experiences, there are several advantages for marketers to use social media as part of their marketing communications strategies. Social media represent a revolutionary new trend in communication. More and more people begin to use social media to communicate. It is freer, more convenient, faster and cheaper than the old ways, people also can get more information what they want, what is more, people can get in touch with their friend easier. For the company, it can face to their target market precisely. Social media hold a great deal of customers’ information, through the information that people share, company can easily know customers’ hobbits and the goods they like.

Social media also increase the communication between customers and marketers. Company can get lots of users’ feedback information and use that information to improve their product. It also help the organization leave a good impression in customers’ minds. One of the most important things is that social media not only can help companies advertising well but also nearly have no costs. What social media bring for the company cannot be measured but the cost of it is really low. It lowers the company’s advertisement costs.

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Disadvantages: Based on my own experience, the disadvantages or risks for marketers in using social media as part of their marketing communications strategy are as follows. Company’s web page can be attacked by hackers and viruses; it may lose company’s important information, company may lose their competitive advantages. Customers can be deceived by the false information online and the extra information may let them get annoyed. The negative comments may damage companies’ image.

The use of the internet may cause the reduction of production efficiency, because employees may busy use the internet to solve the problem online or update their software so that waste times. Company should learn how to handle a social media and that may waste company’s time. Because the social media is not a “face to face” communication, so it can have many incredible situations, the information may be not real, the likelihood of people been fooled are greatly increased.

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