The Craze for fashion Essay

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The Craze for fashion

“A well dressed man is whose clothes you never notice.” Are the words of William Summerset. Yes, my dear friends ‘fashion’ is what empties youngsters pocket. Undoubtedly looks are an important part of personality and fashion if used properly aids us. Fashion is an art and is very interesting but what is more interesting is to observe it being used inappropriately. The bus stand which I use to come to school teaches me about the latest trends. Some of so called ‘cool’ ladies run for the bus balancing on 3-4 inched heeled shoes, clinging on to their dress coloured handbag all at the same time. I guess this why it is called ladies are better at multitasking.

Practicality is very important. No matter what the latest fashion is. No fashion designer is going to attend our sprained ankle or pneumonia if we catch it. A latest trend is body piercing and tattooing. This my dear friends is a fashion that changes. Making permanent tattoos on your body can have you regret later when it goes out of fashion. Cosmetically based salons are also now getting busy these days and as a result Dr. a lady ridgeway doctor was reported death during a surgery around her eyes to reduce wrinkles.

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My dear friends none of us in this world including all celebrities are permanent. Let age do its job. Beauty pageants like Miss Sri Lanka are being witnessed by the upper class people is not because they understand the art of beauty its just because they want to be ‘in the swim’ My message here is not to disrespect fashion, which I appreciate. It’s an art, but we must understand that we cannot wear everything we see on catwalk. Whatever the trend is we should first considerif it suits us, our culture? Does it have a negative effect on our image? Finally how practical is it? Fashionable mean does not being inappropriately dressed.

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